A Blogger's Guide to Google Drive

A Video Course to Get Bloggers Organized

As a blogger myself since 2010, I've come to learn how to keep everything I do very organized & easily accessible. One of my go-to blog & business tools has been, and will continue to be, Google Drive.

Most bloggers don't realize the functionality of Google Drive and how much it can benefit their blog or business. In this course, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how you can use Google Docs, Slides & Sheets for your own blog.

This course is broken down into 4 video lessons:

  • Lesson 1 is an Intro to Google Drive. You'll get a quick overview of the platform, learn how to access it easily, and how to organize it with files & folders.
  • Lesson 2 dives into Google Docs. I'll show you how to use the editing tools available to help you create gorgeous documents you can then turn into PDFs to share with your blog readers or clients.
  • Lesson 3 is all about Google Slides. If you are hosting a webinar or speaking engagement, custom Slides help you appear more professional and provide a visual aid to your listeners.
  • Lesson 4 wraps up with the meatiest of them all - Google Sheets. I'm a spreadsheet nerd but understand the fear that spreadsheets and formulas cause in many bloggers. You'll learn how to format Sheets and create your own comprehensive editorial calendar.

For more educational opportunities, visit Sweet Tea, LLC, and also become part of the private community for bloggers, Blog Fuel - education for goal-getters like you!

Kirsten Thompson
Sweet Tea, LLC

Course Curriculum

What's included?

4 Videos

What others have been saying about this course:

Natalie Gallagher

A comprehensive and easy to follow Google Drive tutorial

I was blown away that Kirsten offered this course for free! I've dabbled with Google Drive applications, but now I'm ready to dive in deeper. The in-depth example of how to create a blog editorial calendar was especially helpful. It really seems l...

Mary Hunnicutt

Very detailed class

Kirsten walks you through step by step how to use the different functions of Google Drive. I liked all the real life examples she used, especially in the Google sheets, so I could see how to use it. This class helped me organize my pictures and ...

Kimm Boes

Highly Recommend This Google Drive Course

Before taking this course I had no idea that the functionality of Google Drive was so vast, and comparable to MS Office. I had been paying a monthly subscription to MS Office, but I have now cancelled it and will use Google Drive from now on. Th...

pippin schupbach


This presentation is clear and concise as it is easy to follow the directions. I never knew google drive was so dynamic with so many options to help keep files organized. This presentation is worth the time. Thanks for sharing!

chichi kekeocha

Google Drive

A very handy introduction to Google Drive. Just recently launched my blog and one of my struggles is trying to create an editorial calendar. Moreover, I'm happy that I don't have to create new google sheet for each topic, it's better to have them...

Lisa Hanfileti

Excellent Overview of Google Drive

I'm not a blogger per se but I am a small business owner and I found this overview of Google Drive to be very helpful. The examples you show can be applied to any business. I learned several new tips that I can start using right away, especially w...

Judy Jones

Review of Guide to Google Drive

Excellent course! Easy to follow the demos! I only wish I had taken it months before when I actually signed up for it. Now I won't be using the Microsoft products and wishing I could see my file on my iPad! Thanks Kirsten!

Denise Donaldson


Step by step and very well explained.

Janine Bollmann

That`s awesome stuff!

Thank you so much for this little gem, Kirsten. I never used Google Drive, so I was just curious, but WOW, what a mistake I´ve made. In the future I´ll work with it, you´ve shown me so many features for bloggers, it´s amazing.

Mary Carr

So Very Helpful

I loved how clearly directions were given, and all the example docs you showed. Thank you!

Laura Beeby

Brilliant, thank you.

I totally recommend this course because it was focused on the practical application of Google Docs, rather than the theoretical uses, which tend to put me to sleep! I especially recommend the final chapter on Sheets. Thank you for your att...

Rachel Vincent

Amazing Course!

I have been familiar with Google Drive for a while and still learned so many valuable tips and tricks!! I love that it was a course that didn't take several days to finish!! But I will be returning if I need guidance in implementing these tips!! H...

Devonne Bolin

I can see the trees ;)

A friend shared this opportunity with me and I am so glad she did. The old saying, "You can't see the forest for the trees", certainly came to mind while following along in this course. I have use bits and pieces of google docs, but not really ...

Cheryl Boglioli

Great Information

Kirsten is a great source of valuable information. The presentation was well thought out and thorough.

Heidi Scheibner

Very helpful and informative

Really enjoyed this course! It was presented so it was easy to understand. The step by step instructions allowed me to do it along with you. I have listened to the Google Sheets chapter 3 times already!! I just started my blog a couple of mont...

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Kirsten Thompson
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Kirsten lives with her husband, teenage daughter, and 3 dogs in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, where she enjoys the outdoors as much as possible, and drinks sweet tea like it's going out of style.

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