Home Grown Bloggers Fall 2016 Bundle

A Virtual Blog Conference

Home Grown Bloggers brings hands-on education to bloggers in cities across the Southern US, but we know that not everyone can travel, and we can't go to every city!

Founded by Kirsten Thompson of Sweet Tea, LLC and Heather Brown of My Life Well Loved, Home Grown Bloggers brings a combined 13 years of blogging experience to you through this virtual conference ticket. Your Virtual Conference ticket includes:

4 Value-Packed Webinars

#1 - Build a Better Blog

Kirsten & Heather share actionable tips and techniques that you can apply right now to build a better blog. A few things we cover are:

  • social media scheduling tips
  • how to capture people on your blog who come from social media
  • what to put in your sidebar to be more professional
  • basic SEO including plugin suggestions
  • how to repurpose old content
  • how to nurture readers to turn them into subscribers
  • tips for using opt-in offers & content upgrades
  • how to incorporate calls-to-action in blog posts & emails

#2 - Blog Monetization

You don't have to sell out to make money from your blog. In this webinar, Heather & Kirsten discuss:

  • Why a mission statement should be part of your monetization plan
  • The importance of high-quality photography & tips for using stock photography
  • Affiliates, ads & ad networks
  • Sponsored posts, including working within a network & pitching brands yourself
  • Creating a media kit & writing a pitch email
  • Monetizing through products & services
  • How to diversify your blog's income

#3 - Blog Like a Magazine

Laura Bento, the founder of Good Grit Magazine, joins Heather & Kirsten for a very encouraging and educational webinar where you'll learn:

  • How Good Grit plans their content for each issue and what their editorial calendar looks like
  • How far in advance they plan
  • How to determine what content makes the cut
  • The importance of photography, and photography tips
  • How to use social media for marketing
  • How to incorporate branding in social media and photos
  • How to curate content to compile a cohesive magazine
  • How Good Grit works with authors and/or bloggers
  • Tips for bloggers wanting to contribute to a magazine and the best way to get noticed

#4 - The Power of Instagram

Stephanie Gilbert, founder of Small Talk Social, is an Instagram expert and shares her expertise in this informative webinar. You will discover:

  • How Stephanie creates killer content
  • How far in advance she plans and what scheduling tools she uses
  • How to determine what content makes the cut
  • The importance of photography, and photography tips
  • How to build engagement
  • How to connect with others in your niche
  • How to curate content to compile a cohesive Instagram newsfeed
  • How to drive traffic to your blog with Instagram
  • Tips for maximizing your account

2 Hands-On Sessions:

Recorded during Home Grown Bloggers live event in Birmingham, AL, these sessions provide actionable takeaways for bloggers looking to grow.

#1 - Social Media Session

Hosted by Heather Brown:

  • Develop a Strategy for Your Social Media
  • How to Keep a Finger on the Social Pulse
  • Get your Social Media Accounts Reviewed and Updated
  • How to Identify and Maximize Hashtags to Build Your Brand
  • Hands-On Coaching about How to Grow Your Audience

#2 - Email Strategy Session

Hosted by Kirsten Thompson:

  • Why your blog needs more than an RSS-feed
  • The benefits of both MailChimp & Convertkit so you can make an educated decision on your best platform
  • How to determine email frequency, list segmentation, and content
  • How to create an opt-in offer & deliver it to subscribers
  • An introduction to content upgrades & deliver them to subscribers
  • Where to put sign-up options on your blog


BONUS #1: #Getfound Ultimate Hashtag Resource

The #GETFOUND digital hashtag resource is a 30 page magazine-style PDF filled with all of the best hashtag tips+ tricks PLUS 20+ pages of ACTUAL HASHTAGS for 20 different creative categories!! Simply choose your industry and COPY/PASTE up to 30 hashtags into your instagram posts for ULTIMATE ENGAGEMENT!! - by Small Talk Social

BONUS #2: Get Visual Instagram Visual Style Guide Workbook

Learn how to create your own Insta-aesthetic for your creative business. The Get Visual Style Guide workbook walks you step-by-step through discovering your own unique visual voice + helps you to establish a framework for your content creation. - by Small Talk Social

BONUS #3: Quick Lightroom Workflow

Ready to create your own amazing photos in minutes? The Lazy Girl's Guide to Lightroom will teach you exactly what you need to know about editing blog photos in a flash. Batch edit, rename, resize and watermark your photos in minutes instead of hours! Blog smarter, not harder, y'all. - by Beth Bryan

What's included?

8 Texts
2 PDFs
Kirsten Thompson
Kirsten Thompson
Content Strategist, Sweet Tea, LLC

About the instructor

Kirsten has been blogging actively since 2010, growing her passion (and nerdy-ness) for email, SEO, and spreadsheets into a full-time business. She is a content strategist helping creatives develop content rooted in Google Analytics and founded in SEO, helping them reach their target audience through organic traffic without having to rely on the ever-changing algorithms of social media.

Kirsten lives with her husband, teenage daughter, and 3 dogs in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, where she enjoys the outdoors as much as possible, and drinks sweet tea like it's going out of style.

Connect with Kirsten:

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